Exterior Residential Painting Company in Phoenix

Like any other painting project, it starts with an on-site consultation and free painting quote. We don’t skimp on our prep because we understand that good preparation is the foundation to a superb painting job.

Types of Exterior
Painting Projects:

  • Paint Trim & Siding
  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi-story Projects
  • General Home Repairs
  • Decks
  • Painted Brick
  • Wood Door Refinishing
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Exterior Painting Process

Power Washing

Power washing is a crucial step in ensuring that paint will adhere properly. All
buildings will have layers of dirt, mildew, algae and even cobwebs that require
removal prior to the application of any products. The correct solutions and
nozzles must be used and there must be ample time for surfaces to dry. Southern
Painting will never power wash and paint in the same day.

Southern Painting Solutions

Our cleaners consist of diluted bleach, or TSP, and water that helps actively kill
mold and mildew. We always exercise caution when using chemicals.

Scraping & Minor Wood Repair

Loose paint must be removed after power washing so that the paint adheres
correctly and lasts longer. We do this the old-fashioned way scraping by hand and
using knives and wire brushes to remove peeling, bubbled or loose paint. This
ensures a smooth, tight surface for painting. Loose boards are nailed down and
our experienced crew can handle most minor repairs. At Southern Painting, we
will always clean up the mess when we are done too!


With the preparation work complete, your home will have a tight, clean surface
ready for priming. We treat all exposed surfaces with premium oil and bonding
primers that seal the surface and provide a solid foundation for proper adhesion
of the new finished coats products. Bare wood, metal surfaces, water stains, rust
and new carpentry are all spot primed. Plywood surfaces will be primed with
specialty primer that bridges most of the weather cracking that is typical of such
material. Under certain conditions (substantially new or weathered wood) our
painting contractors may recommend a full coat of primer.

Caulking and Glazing

We caulk seams, joints, cracks, nail holes and major wood joints. Any loose glazing
is removed and replaced to ensure a tight seal and reduce air leaks or moisture
entry points in vulnerable areas. We use 40-year rated siliconized latex caulk on
all exterior entrances, structural joints and wood windows.

Exterior Home Preparation

Before we even open a paint bucket, Southern Painting takes the appropriate
measures to protect your property. We cover any outdoor furniture and
landscaping, and we cover windows and doors with painter’s paper.

We treat and respect your space like our own throughout the entire process. We
also provide a comprehensive checklist detailing what you can do before our


  • Locking Your Gates
  • Securing Your Pets
  • Closing Your Windows
  • Turning Off Your Sprinklers
  • Making Sure You Don’t Have Your Lawn Service Scheduled

Types of Exterior Paint We Use

Exterior Paints

Exterior Paints include anything from paints, primer, and deck stains and supplies.

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Paints:


Pittsburg Paint (PPG) Exterior Paints:

Timeless and Manor Hall

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paints:

Aura and Regal